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In 2003, Tanghetto made a splash on the music scene with their debut album "Emigrante (electrotango)." The album was inspired by the economic crisis that rocked Argentina in 2001 and the subsequent emigration of many young people in search of a better future. Tanghetto's unique blend of tango and electronic music quickly captured the hearts of fans around the world and earned them a nomination for the 2004 Latin Grammy Awards in the "Best Instrumental" category.

The band went on to perform their iconic album at various venues in Buenos Aires, including the legendary Obelisk of the city and the Tango Festival and World Championship. They even invited some of the best dancers in the world to join them on stage at theaters and milongas, showcasing their inclusive stance and commitment to diversity in the music scene.

But Tanghetto wasn't content to rest on their laurels. In 2004, they surprised fans with the release of "Hybrid Tango," a parallel project album that fused their unique sound with various world music styles. The album was nominated for the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards in the "Traditional/Best Tango Album" category, cementing the band's reputation as one of the most innovative in neotango.

Tanghetto continued to push the boundaries of the genre with their 2005 album "Buenos Aires Remixed," which included 12 remixed versions of their songs and covers of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" and New Order's "Blue Monday." The latter became an alternative radio hit in the United States and earned praise from influential radio station KCRW in Los Angeles.

The band's success only continued to grow as they embarked on their first tour of Europe in 2005, performing in countries such as France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. They even made an appearance on the BBC and World Services, solidifying their presence in the international market.

Throughout their career, Tanghetto has remained committed to inclusivity and diversity in the music scene. They've performed not only in traditional milongas and festivals but also in LGBTQ+ alternative milongas, and became the first tango orchestra to participate in the Tango Queer Festival in Argentina. In 2007, they even released the music video for their song "Mente Frágil," which depicted a love story between two women who meet through tango, becoming the first video with an LGBTQ+ theme in the genre.

Tanghetto's commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions can be heard in their 2008 album "El Miedo a la Libertad," which was inspired by Erich Fromm's homonymous essay and the resistance of some traditional tango dancers to the success of new trends in the genre. The album was a critical and commercial success, earning the band their first Gardel Award in July 2009.

As they entered the 2010s, Tanghetto continued to expand their reach and conquer new territories with successful releases and tours. Their 2009 tour of Brazil was a smash hit, and their album "Más Allá del Sur" received a nomination for the 2010 Carlos Gardel Awards. "La Milonga," a track from the album, became one of the most beloved classics in the neotango genre.

All in all, Tanghetto's career is a testament to their unwavering dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and pushing boundaries in the tango genre. With each album and tour, they continue to captivate audiences around the world and inspire a new generation of tango enthusiasts.

In 2011, Tanghetto captivated fans worldwide with their album "VIVO", a lively recording of live performances in various cities across the globe. They followed up with "VIVO 'Milonguero'", a second volume featuring 14 tracks recorded during unplugged sessions at the BBC in 2007, along with additional live tracks. It's no wonder that the album received a second Gardel Award, marking yet another achievement for the band.

Fast forward to 2013, Tanghetto's album "Incidental Tango" was inspired by the notion that for many residents of Buenos Aires, tango is simply the incidental music of their everyday lives. The band embarked on a tour that took them to impressive venues around the world, including the iconic O2 Arena in London, UK, and they continued to tour in Romania, Poland, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Argentina.

The band's 2014 release, "Hybrid Tango II", served as a conceptual sequel to their 2004 album "Hybrid Tango", featuring new recordings and songs from previous sessions. The album earned the band a Latin Grammy nomination for best Tango album, marking the third time they had been nominated and sharing the category with legendary artist Rubén Blades.

In 2015, Tanghetto released "Progressive Tango", an album that aimed to fuse 70s progressive rock with traditional tango music. The album was a hit with fans, earning the band their sixth Gardel Award nomination, with the first single becoming their most-played song on Spotify that year. The band debuted the album at the ND Theater in Buenos Aires, continuing their tradition of presenting albums at this venue. They then embarked on a tour that took them through Europe, America, and Asia.

The following year, Tanghetto released "Desenchufado", a live studio album recorded without electronic instruments. The album was a critical success, earning the band their seventh nomination for the Gardel Awards in Argentina. That same year, the band toured extensively throughout Europe and America, including their debut performance at Peter Gabriel's Womad Festival. They also played two shows in Buenos Aires at two of the region's best symphonic halls, the Usina del Arte and the Ballena Azul of the Kirchner Cultural Center, with special guests Lidia Borda, Amelita Baltar, Pedro Aznar, Peteco Carbajal, and Leo García, premiering songs composed in collaboration with these great artists.

In 2018, Tanghetto embarked on a special 15-year anniversary tour, performing for the first time at the iconic Lincoln Center in New York City for an audience of 3000 people. In August 2019, they commemorated the 15th anniversary of their album "Emigrante (electrotango)" with a unique show at the Kirchner Cultural Center's Ballena Azul symphonic hall, featuring Pedro Aznar, Sandra Mihanovich, and Nito Mestre as special guests.

At the beginning of 2020, they played at the iconic tango venues in Buenos Aires, Torcuato Tasso, La Viruta, and Salón Canning, before the pandemic arrived. The band held virtual or "from home" concerts and some television specials from then on. In 2020, they released their eighth studio album, "Reinventango", which was nominated for the 2021 Gardel Awards in the "Best Tango Orchestra" category, a historic achievement for an electrotango band. In May 2021, they released a tribute to the legendary Argentine musician Astor Piazzolla and it was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards of the same year. According to, Tanghetto's "Reinventango" features a robust masterpiece of melancholic melodies and sharp rhythms, setting a gold standard for all tango projects to follow.

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